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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Breast feeding bribes

So in the news today the government has decided if women breastfeed they will be rewarded with vouchers.
I am all for breast feeding, breast is best after all. But it is not for everyone, for whatever reason, if you choose not to that doesn't make you a bad mum.  We shouldn't be bribed or rewarded one way or another for or not bread feeding.
For the mums that may not have considered breast feeding before,just because they will now get vouchers, will this make the do it? Surely it's about  ore education is needed I the benefits of breastfeeding.
What about the mums who intend to breastfeed, but can't for health issues, how bad will they feel.
How can we proof these mums have breast-fed. And surely the vouchers are coming out of the taxpayers money

Again. I feel it should be personal choice, either you choose to breastfeed or you don't. No voucher or incentives should be used.

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