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I am a new mummy to my baby boy, referred to in this blog as H, I absolutely adore being a mum and love him more than anything, but I underestimated how hard & challenging motherhood would be. Hence my writing this blog, so we can share experiences, good days & bad days. As I work in a pregnancy Clinic, I know a fare bit about women's health too. *however this is not a medical blog, purely my own personal opinion*

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Reminiscing on my maternity leave

I officially returned to work this week after maternity leave. My little H is almost 9 months now. It got me feeling nostalgic and reminiscing on our time. His been here for almost as long as I was pregnant, it has flown by, but as the same time it feels like his been here forever and I couldn't imagine life without him. 
H was quite big when he was born, 9lb 2oz, and it didn't seem like he was a tiny newborn for long. 
The first few weeks were hard, the 2 hourly night-feeds, nappy changing cycle. It was quite different from the Gina Ford plan i devised whilst pregnant. When i told family & friends of our daily plan they laughed. It frustrated, as im such an organised person, if course it would work. But actually when H arrived, it was all on-demand, and still is!
I was recovering from labour and H developed colic & reflux. 
But it went by so so fast. H was growing & developing perfectly. We would cuddle & play together. 
We were very active and did alot, lots of play dates, library play groups, ball pits, parks, walks, feeding the ducks, picnics, seaside trips, a visit to Buckingham palace & the shard. I believe that nurture develops the mind 
He had his first food at 5 months and sat up. 
At 6 months he said mum. 
We moved house at 7 months, he started crawling & got 3 bottom teeth. 
And now here we are at 8 months. I wouldn't change a single moment. I love him so much. I can't believe he will be 1 in 3 months. He is a happy, sociable, playful little soul and I'm so proud to be his mummy. 
Now I'm back to work 3 days a week, I miss him but I feel safe in the knowledge he is cared for by family. I can get on and focus at work, and earn my money to give H the best. That's why I work. 

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