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I am a new mummy to my baby boy, referred to in this blog as H, I absolutely adore being a mum and love him more than anything, but I underestimated how hard & challenging motherhood would be. Hence my writing this blog, so we can share experiences, good days & bad days. As I work in a pregnancy Clinic, I know a fare bit about women's health too. *however this is not a medical blog, purely my own personal opinion*

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Breast feeding bribes

So in the news today the government has decided if women breastfeed they will be rewarded with vouchers.
I am all for breast feeding, breast is best after all. But it is not for everyone, for whatever reason, if you choose not to that doesn't make you a bad mum.  We shouldn't be bribed or rewarded one way or another for or not bread feeding.
For the mums that may not have considered breast feeding before,just because they will now get vouchers, will this make the do it? Surely it's about  ore education is needed I the benefits of breastfeeding.
What about the mums who intend to breastfeed, but can't for health issues, how bad will they feel.
How can we proof these mums have breast-fed. And surely the vouchers are coming out of the taxpayers money

Again. I feel it should be personal choice, either you choose to breastfeed or you don't. No voucher or incentives should be used.

Parenting styles

Firstly let me apologise for not blogging, I've been tweeting!
So on #thismorning there was a debate between peaches geldof and Katie Hopkins.
#attachmentparenting being the topic of choice.
When I was pregnant, I read Gina ford, I was super organised and felt my baby would slot into my routine. I was materialistic. I thought I was prepared for motherhood how wrong was I!?
When baby h arrived my world and my views changed! I didn't plan so much!I had a loose routine! I fed on demand. I coslept (still do). There any many controversial aspects to this, one being sids my baby cousin died of SIDS at 4 months old whilst I was pregnant. I did much reading and research on SIDS. Although it is not advised, I felt my baby was most protected next to me, where I consciously knew he was there, I could feel his breathing and temperature. I baby wore in a sling,  I like closeness and affection. I tried to breast feed for 5 days but couldn't manager after this. I like to be responsive to be my babies needs. I don't like seeing him cry. I tried several methods, one being the cry it out routine, and it didn't work for me.
Therefore my parenting style, doesn't make me one or another, we shouldn't be pigeonholed into a category. In the early days I was easily swayed and listened to other peoples opinions too much, 19 months later I feel confident in my decisions and instincts.  We all want what is best for our child, regardless of religion, social standing, education, finances. We should do what we want to do to bring our a babies up to be well grounded, confident, loved, happy and healthy beings.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Reminiscing on my maternity leave

I officially returned to work this week after maternity leave. My little H is almost 9 months now. It got me feeling nostalgic and reminiscing on our time. His been here for almost as long as I was pregnant, it has flown by, but as the same time it feels like his been here forever and I couldn't imagine life without him. 
H was quite big when he was born, 9lb 2oz, and it didn't seem like he was a tiny newborn for long. 
The first few weeks were hard, the 2 hourly night-feeds, nappy changing cycle. It was quite different from the Gina Ford plan i devised whilst pregnant. When i told family & friends of our daily plan they laughed. It frustrated, as im such an organised person, if course it would work. But actually when H arrived, it was all on-demand, and still is!
I was recovering from labour and H developed colic & reflux. 
But it went by so so fast. H was growing & developing perfectly. We would cuddle & play together. 
We were very active and did alot, lots of play dates, library play groups, ball pits, parks, walks, feeding the ducks, picnics, seaside trips, a visit to Buckingham palace & the shard. I believe that nurture develops the mind 
He had his first food at 5 months and sat up. 
At 6 months he said mum. 
We moved house at 7 months, he started crawling & got 3 bottom teeth. 
And now here we are at 8 months. I wouldn't change a single moment. I love him so much. I can't believe he will be 1 in 3 months. He is a happy, sociable, playful little soul and I'm so proud to be his mummy. 
Now I'm back to work 3 days a week, I miss him but I feel safe in the knowledge he is cared for by family. I can get on and focus at work, and earn my money to give H the best. That's why I work. 

Friday, 27 September 2013

Tgi friday

Been a busy week.. H had his first cold, poor thing, which myself & hubs also got (at least he shares).
Work work work. Commute commute commute
Now tis Friday evening, hubs has weekend off of work so is on daddy duty tonight, and I'm sat in my hot bubble bath, music & vino & blogging... Bliss!?..